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How to Winterize Your Home: Start With the Garage Door

How to Winterize Your Home: Start With the Garage Door

Winterizing your garage door is a smart way to go, as it will help you to stay warm and comfortable as you also conserve energy. There are plenty of practical ways to winterize this part of your home and all of them will ensure that your garage door keeps out as much cold and moisture as possible.

To help you learn how to achieve this, we’ve created a sensible quick guide.

How to Get Started

First off, you should consider insulating your garage door, as this will help to trap heat. The sort of insulation that you select will typically depend on which materials the garage door is made from. Most people choose foam board insulation for garage doors which are made from wood and panels. This material may be purchased from hardware stores.

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Cut insulation to fit in the spaces

You may buy panels of this form of rigid insulation and then cut them so that they fit into recesses between frames. This will seal up areas which let heat escape (and also bring cold air in). Look for rigid insulation of this type which has a high R-value. The higher this value is, the more protection it provides…

If your garage door is crafted from steel, you’ll have many more options in terms of appropriate insulation materials. Most people select Batt insulation, which is made from Fiberglas. This insulation frequently features a backing made from foil or paper. To utilize this form of insulation, add it to frames by pushing it into the areas near door panels.

More Tips to Try

Your garage door should be insulated, panel by panel. However, the outside edges of the door will also need winterizing. If you notice gaps between the outer edges, it’s time to use garage door seals, as well as weather-stripping, in order to seal up the empty spaces.

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Bottom seal for a garage door

Most people choose PVC “stop” molding in order to get the job done. PVC is a dependable material which lasts for a long time. If you prefer to, you may buy garage door seal retainers and install them at the edges of your garage door. Occasionally, you’ll need to add new inserts, and this will be easy once the seal retainers are put into place. Select rubber or vinyl inserts for superior weather-proofing.

Hire an Expert to Help

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Pro garage techs are your easiest option when it comes to garage sealing and insulation

You don’t need to do the winterizing yourself. If you’re really busy or you’re not so handy, you can avoid this DIY task by outsourcing it to a garage door maintenance company. The best firms of this type will have years of experience winterizing a range of garage door designs. A simple Google search should unearth a host of companies which operate in your area. To find the best, check customer reviews and Better Business Bureau rankings.

While it is definitely possible to do a good job yourself, you may find that outsourcing this task is very cost-effective. If you want to find the best deal on garage door winterizing, collect quotes from a few reputable companies. Once you’ve done so, you should isolate a good deal.


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