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How to Keep the Bad Guys Out of Your Garage

How to Keep the Bad Guys Out of Your Garage

There are plenty of simple and practical ways to keep the bad guys (and girls) out of your garage. If you’re looking for ways to make your home garage more secure, you’ll appreciate our compilation of sensible tips.


Guard Your Garage Remote

garage door remote control

Never leave the remote in your car

First off, never leave the remote for your garage inside of your car. While it’s tempting to keep it there, a thief will be able to grab it easily if he or she breaks into your auto. This will make it all too simple for him or her to get into your home via the garage. Another tip is to buy a remote opener in a key chain style – this means that you’ll be able to get rid of the remote which clips onto your auto visor. Once the remote is on your keys, you’ll always have it with you.


Secure Your Garage Door

emergency release zip tie

A zip tie is cheap and effective

The emergency release on your automatic garage door opener can be attacked by criminals wishing to break in. With just a coat hanger and a door wedge, a person can access the release from the outside. You may boost garage security by securing the garage door’s emergency release. Lots of online tutorials about this process are available, so you should be able to find one via the Web and then follow the steps. Most people secure their emergency releases by utilizing zip ties.  Once zip ties are added, the emergency release will still function – however, it will be much harder for bad guys and girls to get into your garage.

Another, even more effective way to secure the garage door is to install Garage Door Armor. With a burglary in America happening every 15 seconds, it is important to keep an eye on every advance in home security and all the ways older technology can fail. If a burglar does make it past your garage door, it probably will not trigger your alarm. Garage Door Armor prevents the emergency release from ever being access by anyone outside the garage door.

Keep Your Garage Locked Up

garage door lock

You would be surprised how many forget to lock-up

Naturally, you should keep your garage locked at all times. Consider adding a deadbolt to the door that separates your home from the garage. Yes, you’ll need to utilize a key in order to get in and out. However, you’ll dramatically reduce the risk of a break-in, so it’s worth the slight inconvenience.


Add a Peephole for Extra Security

wide angle garage door peephole

This is a wide angle peephole

A peephole with a wide angle may be added to the door which separates your residence from its garage. When you add one, you’ll be able to check out what’s happening in the garage. If you hear noises or have other clues that someone is in there, it’s better to look through the peephole of a locked door than to open the door!

Try Our Helpful Tips Today

secure home

Now you know what is needed to secure your garage and home

Now will be a great time to beef up security in your garage. These days, you really can’t be too careful and trying out our tips will allow you to do all that you can to keep your property safe. It’s about more than protecting your parked car and your garage contents. It’s also about keeping intruders from entering your home via the garage.

Now that you know the basics, why not begin making security upgrades? If you don’t have time or hate DIY tasks, you’ll be able to outsource this project with ease. Look in your area for a company which specializes in working on garages. Once you’ve found a company with strong and positive reviews, you’ll be ready for the next step, which is reaching out to the company’s representatives. They’ll listen to your concerns, check out your garage and then come up with an estimate. This quote may be approved if it’s to your liking. At this stage, work will start and you’ll soon have a more secure garage.

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