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How To Guide: Installing Garage Shelves or Cabinets

Get organized by installing overhead garage storage in Las Vegas that will allow you to get your tools and stored materials up off the floor and into a logical storage space. Having your “stuff” stored away can keep your garage from feeling crowded and taking up more and more room–until you don’t even have room for your vehicle! This is challenging, but with a little effort you can create an organized haven for storage in your garage that you will love to use.

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Your garage is now yours to use how you wish!

Garages have a number of different uses–some of them are simply for storing vehicles and accessories related to vehicles, some are combination areas that allow you to store homewares that are not currently being used along with a car or truck, and some have morphed completely to an extension of the home living space and vehicles are no longer allowed in the room. Garages don’t just get used, they get overused! Americans love our garages, but staying organized can be very challenging. Fortunately, having the correct cabinets or shelves in your garage can make a world of difference in your organizational ability.

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Use quality materials for heavy storage

Choose Quality Materials

Installing new garage cabinets needs to start with a plan. Where do you want to place the cabinets and what do you intend to store in them? Being sure that you have enough floor space in your garage to hold the different cabinets and shelving is important, too. Before you purchase shelves or cabinets, be sure to measure several times or have a professional come and measure your area for the new organizational tools. Cheap garage cabinets can become fodder for dangerous pests like termites, so be careful buying pasteboard or very cheap cabinetry. The last thing you want to do is attract termites, and pasteboard cabinets are a termite buffet line!

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Store overhead for maximum space

Cabinet Placement

The space you have set aside for cabinets is very important to the ongoing use and utility of your space. You want to be sure that you have room to raise them slightly up off the floor, and that you’re not leaving small corner areas that small birds or pests could potentially nest in. You should also consider the overhead storage room that is often overlooked – this could be behind your garage door or under it, depending on the way your room is situated.

DIY or Hire a Professional?

This is always a question–do you trust yourself to create a great look and functionality with your cabinets, or do you hire a professional? Individuals who are looking to save money will almost always choose to do it themselves, and sometimes this can be a great option. However, you have to take care that you are installing the shelves properly, or they may come down off the wall and damage your belongings at some point in the future.

The pros have all the tools to install storage properly

Your safest option when you’re adding shelves or cabinets to your garage is to hire a professional. They will be able to get a good price on the materials and the installation, and be the most efficient with their time and materials as possible.