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8 Cool Concepts You Never Thought Possible With Your Garage

8 Cool Concepts You Never Thought Possible With Your Garage

Your garage can be anything that you want it to be. There are tons of ways to organize the garage space or renovate it, so that a garage becomes an appealing and functional space. To help you access welcome inspiration, let’s look at 8 cool concepts you never thought possible with your garage…

8.) Overhead Storage Bins – If you want more storage space, but prefer to keep floor space as open as possible, consider creating an overhead system which holds storage bins firmly in place. By using space above your head, you’ll access superior storage without sacrificing floor space.


7.) Create a Rec Room – A secure garage can be a great place to hang out. It’s the ideal “man cave” or “woman cave”. To turn your garage into a rec room, add a mini-fridge, Laz-Y-Boy chairs, a small coffee table and an old TV. It’s all about creating another room where you can chat, have a beer and relax.


6.) Make a Gardening Center – You may access wallboard with holes, which may be used to hang garden tools when they aren’t being used. You may also create a storage system for terra cotta pots, plastic planters and other gardening supplies. It’s possible to make a garage-based gardening center an organized and beautiful space.

Add hanging hooks for outerwear and a place to store rubber boots and gardening gloves. You’ll find that this area makes it easier to garden whenever the urge arises.


5.) Add a Recycling Area – Recycling is worthwhile but it can be a lot of work, as well as a bit messy. By moving all recycling activities to your garage, you’ll keep your home cleaner and be able to recycle more effectively. A garage is a great place to create an organizational system for recycling bins and bags. This area doesn’t have to be stylish – however, it can be, as some truly chic recycling bins and storage solutions are out there.


4.) Make a Play Area for Kids – If your garage is a safe place, where dangerous tools and implements are safely stored away, you may wish to create a play area for your kids. Since kids are messy, creating a crafting area with a table, art supplies and good lighting will allow your kids to finger paint, use Play-Dough or perform other artsy activities in the garage. This area will be best for the warm-weather months, when garages aren’t too cold.


3.) Winterize Your Space – Garages may be winterized so that they stay warmer. When it’s frigid outside, the benefits of winterizing will quickly become apparent. One option is to seal up cracks in a garage door with insulation, such as foam board insulation.


2.) Organize Tools and Building Supplies – If you’re handy, your garage’s contents may be organized with a mind to helping you complete DIY jobs faster. A lot of avid handymen and women organize everything in cheap, transparent storage bins, from nails to nuts and bolts to tubes of caulking. While organization will take time, it will save you time later on.


1.) Create a Wet Bar – Sometimes, homes are too small for everything that we want to put in them. Lots of manufacturers offer wet bar setups for outdoors, which are also perfect for garages.



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