Broken Garage Door Springs Las Vegas NV

broken-garage-door-springs-las-vegas-nvOur technicians are experienced when it comes to repairing or replacing torsion and extension springs. Replacing the springs on a garage door can be a very dangerous task, and should be performed by a professional. Most of the springs that are commercially available have a life span of between 7 and 10 years if the door is used multiple times daily. This is because nearly every spring has a 10,000 cycle life, so eventually they will need to be replaced.

Torsion Spring Replacement Services in Las Vegas

A large amount of problems can occur with your garage door that can damage your springs. When a door is loose on the tracks, the tension in the springs can be reduced, preventing them from assisting the lift of the garage door. Springs tend to go through a lot of use throughout the years since even the smallest doors can weigh at least 100lbs. You should have a garage door professional perform maintenance on your springs at least once a year.